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Redefined Farmhouse Table, Bench and Mirror

This past week, Vintage Redefined had the pleasure of traveling to New York to mix some business with pleasure.  We were able to custom paint a few pieces for Erin Murphy, the Creative Director of {EM} Reservoir and her beautiful Hudson River House.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out her urban/rustic line of clothes, go to her website and check it out now!  (Don’t worry, my stuff will still be here, what are you waiting for? Go!)

You may remember me talking about our lovely outdoor workshop.  Well, this beautiful rustic farmhouse table and bench were just asking us for a redefinition, so we painted the table a beautiful turquoise and the bench an off white (both with light distressing).
This rug was the source of inspiration for the color palette.  I in fact wish I had a paint that matches every single color in it, but, alas, a girl can dream.

If you look real close in this picture you can see the crackle of the paint on the bench.  (I LOVE a good crackle as long as it has nothing to do with wrinkles on my face and everything to do with distressed wood!)
I am completely loving all the different vintage chairs around the table.  What a fantastic idea!
The other piece we did was this beautiful mirror for the entryway.  The almost-black color of the mirror stands out perfectly on the fabulous chevron wall.

It’s slightly distressed to let a little “old” peek out.

What a fantastic week we had!  Thanks for having us Erin and Adam, we hope you enjoy many wonderful dinners with friends and family around your newly redefined table!


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