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Sewing Cabinet

Sorry for all the pictures of the “workshop” lately.  Go ahead, look real close in the background.  See those piles of junk?  Those are future ‘imperfect perfections’ waiting to happen!  But really, please don’t judge because I can’t help it that I am so excited to show you what we’ve been working on!  I can’t even get the furniture pieces outside to properly take pictures.  I. must. show. you. now!

Check out this loverly sewing cabinet.  She may be small, but you can cram all kinds of accoutrements in her drawers and side openings.  I’m even thinking knitting needles and crochet hooks in the sides.  (See?  Every now and then I can have GREAT ideas!)

She was painted using VM&D’s Poppy and Santa Fe.  I am having a recent love affair with the newest color, Santa Fe as I realized I have painted four things with it recently.  Why stop a good thing when it’s happening, right?!

We’ll have this loverly with us at the Alley Sale this Saturday at Colby’s Hokey Pokey in Whitehall, MI.  See you there, rain or shine!


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