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That "Crappy Dart Board Buffet"

Every now and then a piece of furniture comes with a story.  With a title like this one, who doesn’t want to hear it?  Feel free to skip down to the pretty pics if you’re the visual type.  So this beautiful piece of furniture started out looking like this:

When I saw her sitting there all dejected yet strangely loved with all the love a family can muster when they tell you that way back in the day, their beautiful family heirloom was once used by a family member as a DART BOARD, I knew I had to SAVE her.  And thus, she because known as:
(It’s very important to label the hardware you take off of pieces when refinishing furniture, so as to not mix it up with other pieces.)

But seriously…. after some much needed TLC (thanks Dad!), this is what she looks like today.  

You can tell she is not perfect.  I love that the dart holes tell the only story that needs to be told…  She was once loved by a boy until it hurt!

And for being such an heirloom antique… check out the legs on this babe!

By the way, she was painted in VM&D’s Parisian and Oxford.  She will be with us at the Alley Sale at Colby’s Hokey Pokey in Whitehall, MI on Saturday.  See you there!


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