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Painting Grain Sack Stripes: A Tutorial

Last year, I saw this picture on Pinterest:



I used it as inspiration for my own kitchen table.

Even though some time has passed, I find I am still drawn to grain sack stripes.  We recently added them to a few of the pieces we are bringing to the Painted Farmgirl Flea, but we also thought it would be nice to teach you how to create them on your own pieces of furniture.

Start by finding the middle of your surface.  You can either measure or eyeball, whichever you prefer.  This is where you will apply the largest stripe (the blue in my picture below).  Use smaller tape to add three more stripes on each side of the middle stripe.

Peel off the middle (thickest) stripe and the middle (yellow tape in the picture below).

Can you picture where you will be painting now?

Apply light, thin coats of your paint so that it does not seep under the tape.  Less is more, and you can always go back and add another coat.

We ended up painting two very light coats.  And before the paint was dry, carefully lift your tape.

Voila!  It’s pretty easy and really adds pizzazz to your piece! Happy Striping!


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