Cereal and Cartoons

When I poured her cereal this morning and turned to set it on her highchair, I found myself instantly reminded of one of my best childhood memories- cereal and cartoons.  I mean, the two go hand-in-hand, right??  I definitely had the thought of cleaning up milk smears on the couch and the dogs underfoot asking for a bite, but the chance at my daughter making her very own (hopefully good) memory of being able to eat cereal on the couch while watching her favorite cartoon won.


Yes, a sedentary lifestyle of eating in front of the TV and not being active flashed before my eyes, but I realized our children pick up on our habits.  So, one morning of watching cartoons and eating sugary cereal (oh yeah, I went there), will not hurt as long as I know that the majority of our mornings on other days are spent going for walks, using the jogging stroller, playing at the playground, working out, swimming and dancing.

So, what are you waiting for?


Start letting go of the norm and creating memories for your children today!


 What’s the worst that will happen??  A little spilled milk, some wrinkled sheets??


Do you have any great childhood memories?



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