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DIY Children’s Play Table

My daughter loves playing with her little princesses and critters.  She’ll sit on the floor and hunch over for hours having conversations with all of them.  I decided a few months ago that she needed a play table, so that she is more comfortable when she plays.

But, as you know, not just any play table would do.  I’ve done my fair share of embracing primary colors and plastic toys in my house, but something like furniture (a more permanent fixture) can’t just be plastic-primary.  I wanted something that would fit more into the vintage theme of painted furniture.

Kid's Play Table.jpg

My Aunt had this adorable little table hanging out in her basement.  She asked me if I wanted it and I knew immediately what could be done with it!  My husband cut the legs down to a toddler-perfect height (I’m sorry I do not have a pic of this).


I gave it a coat of paint, but quickly realized that old wooden tables might not be the safest for delicate, plump toddler fingers.  I called in the reserves!  What Grandma do you know that wouldn’t rush over and get her power sanding on at the mere mention of a potential granddaughter digit devastation??  No slivers or catastrophes here, no way!  My mom sanded every single rough spot on that table.  I mean,


We then headed to the local hardware store and found a small piece of moulding.  The edges were cut so that when it is put together, it makes a large rectangle on top of the table.  Now the princesses and critters won’t slip off!


Some heavy duty wood glue came next and then we used weights to press it all down overnight.


Another coat of Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint in Santa Fe, finished with clear coat sealer (on account of potential sticky toddler extremities).  And now we have a nice addition to the living room that also has purpose.


Side note: am I the only person who enjoys posing the Calico Critters each night after my daughter goes to bed so she wakes up to a new scene in the morning??




Notice the moulding prevents all the tiny pieces from falling off the edge of the table.


AND– When mommy needs to have her friends over and all of the critters go hiding, the table is not the most obtrusive like other toddler play tables.






But, who am I kidding??  Even if I have MY friends over to play, I think we would all prefer to have the table covered in toys!  Thanks for visiting the blog today!  Remember we are on Facebook and Instagram also!  See you soon!




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