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Coffee Table Before and After (and After)

My coffee table is special to me.  It used to be my cousin’s (who is more like an Aunt).  Here is a before pic when we first got the table almost two years ago.  It’s sturdy, but had some cosmetic ‘well-loved’ issues.  (Triscuits and chihuahuas anyone??)


At the time, I knew I wanted to paint it.  (I paint everything.)  I was also in a phase where I wanted to embrace some of the gold fixtures in my house.  So, I took a chance and painted her in Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint Mint.   I finished her with some cast iron crowning touch, clear wax and clear coat sealer.  The gold was just some gold craft paint added to the beautiful details.  My table stayed like that for almost two years.  I wanted SO badly to be that person that has the pop of color furniture piece, but it just wasn’t right.  I enjoyed it, and people complimented it, but I could never fully commit to the color in that room, and then my design choices changed.


So, I decided to repaint it.  Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint in Cotton, Chateau and Cast Iron Crowning Touch.  Let me say, ooh la la!


The detail work pops in all the right places!  I am officially in love.  This is how it will stay (for at least the next two years, right??). What do you think?



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