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Painted Teepee DIY

What child doesn’t like a fort?  My daughter has recently been into forts and picnics, so we decided to make her the best way to enjoy both- a teepee!!  In fact, we liked the idea so much, that my mom even made one (with a twist) for her house that both grandchildren will enjoy for years to come!!!

If you’ve been on Pinterest, it seems like every year, this idea circulates.  So, like any great idea, we consulted Pinterest and found this tutorial from Project Nursery.   We followed her measurements and also created ours to be collapsable, but while hers is no-sew, we opted to sew the hems.  That is about all I can handle as far as sewing goes and it wasn’t that bad!

We also modified hers and instead of using contact paper to cover the PVC pipes (it seemed too hard), we opted for our addiction instead and used, well, chalk paint, of course!  We painted the PVC pipes in Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint in the color Burlap.

I opted to leave the teepee for my house unpainted.  (I couldn’t decide on a color!) (I should have painted it.)  (I can change my mind.)  My mom opted to paint her teepee in Duck Egg.  Oh la la!  Let me tell you, it turned out amazing!!!

The granddaughters are going to love this!!


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