35 Things

Hello!  Wednesday was my birthday!  In honor of it, I thought it would be fun to do a little blog post to help you get to know me (Courtney), one of the pickers behind Vintage Redefined.  We’ll do another one of these posts in September about Renee to celebrate her.  (Don’t worry, she’s also turning 35, so we’ll keep it short and sweet!)

  1. Today is not really my birthday.
  2. My birthday is March 15.
  3. Every year I have to think really hard about how old I am.  It gets harder and harder to remember.
  4. In my family, we don’t just celebrate one day- we kind of like to do an entire week of celebrating someone.
  5. I love Qdoba.  I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (And I have- hello, leftovers!)
  6. For my birthday dinner, I did not go to Qdoba, I went to a local restaurant that more members of my family can enjoy.
  7. Speaking of my family, I am the luckiest.  I got the sweetest video message from my daughter wishing me a happy birthday.  Birthdays seem to go faster now that I have a child.  My biggest regret is that there will never be enough time to just be with my daughter and my family.  It will never be enough. Period.
  8. I wish I could write about all of my family members, but I particularly wanted to mention my mom.  She’s the best.  Not only has she loved me unconditionally my entire life (even at times when it was hard to do), she is also my biggest supporter.  She and I started a vintage business in 2012 that has lead us to create many fun memories.  You’ll be able to get to know her more when we do a post like this for her in September!  
  9. I am anticipating some major changes in my life soon and I am anxious.
  10. Speaking of anxiety, I’ve been praying a lot lately.  In reality, I’ve been worrying a lot, which leads me to…
  11. …this image.  I recently saw this online and it immediately quieted my soul.06409263f54a5211823905b7b2c4ab03{source unknown}
  12. Speaking of praying, one of my prayers already came true!  A friend of mine underwent a very serious surgery this week and she made it through and is now on the other side of her recovery.  It is going to be a long road, but I am going to keep praying.
  13. I love to read.  I don’t get to do it as often as I like, but I still enjoy it.  
  14. I am currently reading Life After Picasso by Francoise Gilot.  My daughter found it in a stack of my Grandmother’s books at my parent’s house and brought it to our house.
  15. My Grandmother got it when she went to a luncheon with the author.  It’s special because Madame Gilot signed it to her.IMG_0990
  16. It’s fun to read about the lives of artists in the 30s and 40s.  I imagine people like Picasso and Matisse meeting each other and having lively, passionate conversations.  
  17. My Grandmother was an artist and she had a lot of passion for painting and making prints.  She was also fun to talk to.
  18. I did not get much of the ‘artist gene’ but I recently decided to not let that stop me.  It just means my medium is different.  I am an artist of painted furniture (at least that’s what I tell myself).
  19. I am also attempting to hand letter.  It’s kind of relaxing, but I really need to practice.  I’m going to start here.
  20. My Aunt DID get some of the artist gene.  She is down in Florida painting some of the most beautiful flowers and beach scenes that make me want to go somewhere warm.  (My daughter and I also miss her very much when she is gone!)
  21. I am craving a vacation- big time!  
  22. My husband and I tried to do a kid-free vacay to Vegas last month and I ended up in the hotel room the whole time with the stomach flu.  Terrible and sad!  I watched a lot of Netflix and TV.
  23. I don’t usually watch much TV, but I can’t get enough of This is Us.  It gets me everytime.  Like, seriously gets me.  
  24. Another thing I can’t get enough of are these shoes.  They are so comfortable and go with everything!!  I have them in black (it was a hard choice).  I wear them with dressier tops, jeans and have even worn them with T-shirts and sweatshirts.  (I like how they make me feel.)
  25. I like it when people handwrite notes inside birthday cards.  My mother-in-law is the best about putting a piece of handwritten scripture in all of our cards.  It always makes me feel good and encouraged.
  26. I want to be better about sending handwritten birthday cards so that they make it to people on time.
  27. I ordered Christmas cards this past year, complete with a nice picture of our family, was looking forward to sending them out, and then just completely lost steam.
  28. It’s hard working all day, mom-ing as soon as you get home, finding time to work out, keep the house clean, make dinner and pursue a business on the side.  I often feel like there is not enough time in a day and then I wake up just to do it all over again the next day.  Adulting = difficult.
  29. One good thing about adulting?  Planning vacations (see number 21 above).  We are talking about a Disney trip.  I’m not sure if it will happen, but dreams that you dare to dream can come true!  (I’ll keep you posted.)
  30. One annoying thing about adulting?  Cleaning.  It’s all I ever do. <cue dramatic voice>  But it has become much more enjoyable since I recently joined Grove. They have some really nice cleaning products.  I got a spray for my granite counters and I love it! Here is my affiliate link if you are interested.
  31. I meant to post this blog post on Wednesday (my actual birthday), but life got in the way!  
  32. It’s pretty normal for me to be running late or a bit behind.  I am trying really hard this year to be better about honoring time and getting where I need to be with the right amount of time.  That takes work!
  33. My husband has been working really hard lately.  He is such a good guy!  He is so supportive of me and my endeavors.  He’s been working non-stop these past few weekends on a project I put him up to (reveal coming soon).  Not to mention, he is really patient with me when I have to ask him all the time how many quarters are in college basketball.  (For the record, there are only two halves.). Some day I’ll get it right!  Go MSU!IMG_0813
  34. I thought I would have trouble making it to 35 things… so close!
  35. If you made it this far, thanks for reading this!  Have a great day!  XO

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